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Rate Limiting

Rate Limiting

Rate limiting will restrict the number of API calls that can be made to the APIs (N requests per rate limit window per access token).

Rate limits are determined globally for the entire application and divided into 10-minute intervals.

HTTP headers are contextual, in order to understand where the application is at for a given rate limit:

Limit The maximum number of requests allowed within a time period
Remaining The number of remaining requests in the time period
Reset The Unix epoch timestamp of when the vendor's quota is reset to full

If the application exceeds the rate limit for a given API endpoint, an error response returns 429: Too Many Requests. In that case, the application must wait until the quota resets before any additional calls can be made to the APIs. All endpoints are divided into related groups (resource families) and Rate Limiting affects the whole group (resource family).

Endpoint Resource Family Limit
GET /clients/ partner-topology 40
GET /clients/[clientId]/sites partner-topology 40
GET /clients/[clientId]/sites/[sideId]/endpoints/[endpointId] partner-topology 40
GET /clients/[clientId]/sites/[sideId]/endpoints endpoints 40
POST /clients/[clientId]/sites/[sideId]/endpoints/[endpointId]/status statuses 40