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ConnectWise®Business SuiteTMDeveloper Tools: Engineered for Seamless Integration

Extensibility and customization through integration. Innovation unleashed.

In today’s software world, maximizing the user experience is more dependent on application program interfaces (APIs) than ever before. That’s why we strive to simplify the process of developing seamless integrations for ConnectWise and LabTech.

Whether you’re a partner aiming for more efficiency or a complimentary vendor looking to co-create value for our ever-growing partner base, we want to empower you to enhance the functionality of ConnectWise and LabTech through our platform strategy. Our APIs and SDK allow you to connect processes, devices, and people. If you can dream it, you can build it.

Successful integration starts now.

The items below will help you get started: Download our SDK, access documentation, or preview the ConnectWise Invent Program.


As the business management platform of the ConnectWise Business Suite, ConnectWise provides built-in automation that lets you manage and run every aspect of the business. Seamless flow between sales & marketing, billing, data & reporting, and customer management means doing more with less.

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LabTech is the remote monitoring and management platform that powers the ConnectWise Business Suite. LabTech allows you to streamline reactive and proactive IT services, thanks to powerful agent-based automation.

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ConnectWise Invent is a unique program combining readiness, support, certification, and awareness for vendor integrators. Through the ConnectWise Invent program, the vendor community can take advantage of our dedicated developer network and leverage our expanded and improved SDK and APIs.

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