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The ConnectWise Manage APIs, formerly ConnectWise include both REST and SOAP versions.  When developing against the Manage API, it is recommended to use the REST version of the API.  The REST version brings many new enhancements and is the primary development focus behind the APIs.  The Manage REST API is based on HTTP, URI and JSON standards.  The Manage API is based on a client-server model.

Please note:  Access to the Manage API is subject to approval but does not require a Manage license.  Support for the Manage API is offered thru our ConnectWise Invent program and through the developer forums.

The ConnectWise Automate API, is modeled after the Windows API which allows hooks into essential places within Automate to capture processes, change results or create new functionality. We allow our partners and Solutions Parners to create and modify the various screens and windows by adding buttons, menus, tabs or any other functionality to extend the functionality of Automate. 

Please note: The ConnectWise Automate APIs are only available to ConnectWise Automate Partners, or Solutions Partners who participate in the ConnectWise Invent program.


The ConnectWise Sell API is a RESTful web based API.  The Sell API similar to the Manage API follows HTTP, URI and JSON standards.  The Sell API is based on a client-server model.

Please note: The ConnectWise Sell APIs are only be available to ConnectWise Sell Partners, or Solutions Partners who participate in the ConnectWise Invent program.

The ConnectWise Control API, is accessed primarily through Extensions. Extensions allow developers to create fully customizable endpoints with which applications can interface using HTTP and JSON. The Control API supports adding features to the web interface, integration with third-party applications, and listening to application events.

Please Note: The ConnectWise Control APIs are available to all partners and located with the Control Documentation. Because its open to all users, questions and issues for the Control APIs are managed via the Control forum.

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